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If you love to play action games, then you must be well familiar with the action game MLBB. Most action games are available on various Play stores like Google and Apple. However, from these Play Stores, you can only download the game’s original version. One of the disadvantages of the original version of the game is that it only provides limited free resources. So, to get unlimited resources, you must pay. However, with modified versions of games like AA Modz APK, you can get all the resources for free. You can also download Mobile Legends Mod APK.

AA Modz is the modified version of the most popular action game, Mobile Legends. With this version of the game, you can get all the premium features of it for free. Without this version of the game, you must pay the developer to get all the premium items of the game. Paying to get the premium items is costly, and not most of the players can afford to pay. So, this version can eliminate the need to pay. Another good thing about this version of MLBB is that it is compatible with almost all Android devices.

Features of AA Modz APK

Some of the most exciting features of this game are:

Unlock All ML Skins

Mobile Legends game offers a lot of exciting skins for its characters. Having more than one skin for ML characters can increase players’ interest in the game. If you are using the normal version of ML, then you might have access to limited skins. To purchase more skins of the characters, you must spend money. However, in this game version, all ML skins are available for free. You can put on any skin at any time.

Drone View Cheats

AA Modz is also offering you one of the most exciting features not available in the normal ML game version, Drone View. With this feature available in the game, you can identify your enemies from faraway places. After you identify that from where the enemies are coming, it will be easy for you to protect that location. This feature increases the chance of winning a match in Mobile Legends.

AA Modz APK Unlock All Maps

When you start playing the Mobile Legends game, some of its maps from six different maps are unavailable. But most players want to play games on each map of the game. For such players, there must be all the maps available. This Mod version of ML allows you to play any match on any map regardless of your level. For your information, there are seven different maps available in this game,

  1. Land of Dawn
  2. Celestial Palace
  3. Imperial Sanctuary
  4. Western Expanse
  5. Sanctum Island
  6. Maze of Minos
  7. Battlefield of Zlatan

Increases Damage

Another interesting feature of this Mod version of ML is that it can potentially increase the damage to your opponents. Unlike the normal game version, where you can have only limited or specific damage to your opponents, this version increases the damage. Secondly, the damage given to the enemies in this version depends on the weapon of the game you are using.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Besides having all the features mentioned above, another interesting feature of this injector is that it is user-friendly. This APK is easy for all users with a simple and user-friendly interface. Even if you have never used these types of injectors, then it will be easy for you to use and enjoy them. Similarly, you will get a user guide when you open it for the first time.

Anti Ban Injector

There are multiple injectors available in the market that you can use to get free rewards with your ML game; using such injectors with your official gaming account could get your account banned. If you have a gaming account that you have been using for a long time, you must be aware of using injectors that can ban your account. AA Modz APK is an anti-ban injector, meaning using this injector will not get your account banned. You can enjoy this injector’s amazing features without getting your account banned.

Free to Use

This injector is free to use; you can use it without paying for any of its features. Another free feature of this injector is that you don’t have to create any login account to use this APK. Similarly, you don’t need to purchase or do any subscription with this Android application to make it use in your mobile phone.

AA Modz APK No Ads

Most of our time is wasted while watching unwanted ads. Most of the ads are irritating, and users don’t want to watch such ads while playing their favorite game. An interesting and amazing feature of this injector is that it is ads-free. You will never find ads using this injector on your smartphone or tablet.

Pros and Cons


  • This is an anti-ban injector; it doesn’t pose any harm to your gaming account. You can use it without being worried about your gaming account.
  • AA Modz APK is safe to use on both Android smartphones and tablets. It has only access to the necessary files on your device that are only needed to make the game work.
  • AA Modz is compatible with most of the devices. You don’t need to have the latest Android phones. You can also make it work on lower Android devices.


  • You must always be cautious while downloading any third-party APK. Make sure to download it from a trusted site.
  • Injectors are unavailable on Play Stores; therefore, you must download them from third-party sites.
  • It is difficult to install third-party APKs on iOS devices.


AA Modz APK is the modified version of the most popular action game, Mobile Legends. With this game version, you can get all the premium features without spending money. This game version is compatible with most devices, so you can easily download and install it. Finally, this APK is safe to use on all devices. It doesn’t harm any Android devices and never tries to access any private data on your smartphone. So, download AA Modz and enjoy all the premium features of ML for free.