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If you are a gamer and love to play games on your Android smartphone and tablet, I will introduce you to a fantastic game today. You might be playing ordinary games, but now there is an opportunity for you to do something different. Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health is a fantastic action game where you will fight zombies. Unlike other games, this game offers a unique and exciting gameplay environment. You might also love to play People Playground Mod APK.

Zombies are not common creatures; they are different and dangerous. These creatures can harm human beings in different ways, like attacking humans whenever they see human beings. Similarly, they can quickly kill humans with their sharp fingers and extreme power. In Extra Lives Mod APK, you will face various types of zombies, and your job is to eliminate them to make the place safe for human beings.

More About Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health

In this game, you are in a situation where the zombie virus has spread all over the world due to some unknown reason. These zombies have eliminated most human beings from our planet, and now you are here to help. You are present in a location full of zombies, and with zombies, it is impossible for humans to survive there. Therefore, to make the place habitable for humans, you must clear the zombies from that location.

Extra Lives Mod APK

Zombies are not like ordinary people, as they are made of acid and fire. They spread harmful acids and other liquids whenever you are closer to them. If you get in touch with this acid, you will surely die. Therefore, you must be careful before contacting them while fighting them in Extra Lives Mod APK VIP Unlocked.

 This game is offered by the famous game developer company MDickie. Extra Lives was first released to users on Oct 22, 2017. Soon after the release of this game, it got the attention of most online users. Till now, this game has been downloaded by more than 5 million people only from the Google Play Store. Millions of people have also downloaded this game from other third-party APK sites APKOkay.com.

You can download the free version of Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health from Google Play Store. But remember that whenever you download any game from Play Store, you can access that game’s free features only. So, if you want to access all the premium features of Extra Lives, then you must always download its Mod version.

Features of Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Money

Some of the most exciting features of this game are:

Unlimited Money

In this Mod version of the game, you can access unlimited money. Unlike the free version, where you have only limited money to spend, here you have unlimited money. With this unlimited money of the game, you can purchase all the premium features of the game. In the original version of Extra Lives, you must struggle to earn money. You must complete different tasks that will give you money but in limited amounts.

Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health

One of the exciting features of this game is that you have unlimited health in this Mod version of Extra Lives. With unlimited health in the game, you can kill as many zombies as you want. But in the game’s original version, you only have limited health. Playing the game with limited health is difficult, and your character will quickly die. In this way, you will get frustrated with the game and unable to enjoy it.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Another exciting feature of this Mod version of the game is that the UI of this game is simple and user-friendly. It will be easy for all users to play and enjoy this game. With simple UI, this game offers exciting and straightforward game controls that make this game easy to play by all the game users. Along with these, you will also get a user guide at the beginning of the game when you log in to the game for the first time.

Explore Various Maps of Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health

Unlike most action games where you play the game within a single map, this version of the game is available with different maps. Playing in different maps of the game allows you to explore more and get unique gameplay experiences. While playing the game, you must clear all the game locations from the zombies.

All Characters Unlocked

Extra Lives is not limited to a single character; in this game, you can play with various characters. Another best feature of this game is that all the game’s characters are available for you from the beginning of the game, unlike the free version, where you only have access to some limited characters. In this game, you can select any character from different characters.

Customize Your Character

After selecting your character in Extra Lives Hack APK, you can customize your character. This game version allows you to customize your character as you can. Moreover, this Mod version of Extra Lives offers you all the game’s premium features for free. With the premium customization items of the game, you can make your character look amazing and unique from all other characters.

Participate in Training Mode

Fighting zombies is not easy, and you must be well-equipped and experienced in fighting to keep the zombies away. While playing the game, if you face any problem, you can participate in the game’s training session. When you participate in the training session, you will learn various tricks in Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health, and it will be easy to fight the zombies.

Multiplayer Game Mode

If you usually play games online, you can also play this game with your friends. The multiplayer mode of this game allows you to play matches with your friends. After your friend joins the war with you, you will fight with zombies to keep winning. To play together, you must first invite your friend to the game and then can play the game together.


Can I download Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health from Play Store?

You can download the free version of this game from Google Play Store.

What are the major advantages of this Mod version of this game?

You will get the following advantages of this game,
1. Unlimited Money
2. Premium Features Unlocked
3. Unlimited Health

Is this game safe to play?

This game is safe to download and play on any Android device.


Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Health is the modified version of the Extra Lives game. This version of the game offers you many exciting and best features that are not available in the free version. In this version, you will get free access to all the premium features. Similarly, you will also have unlimited game resources like money and gems. So, to play the game with all these features, download the Mod version of Extra Lives and enjoy playing the game.