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The digital world’s development has changed how everything exists and appears to us. For example, with the advancement of technology, the way we read books has also changed. In the past, we used to get the printed form of a book and read it and fulfil our needs. Now, with the help of our smartphones, we can do everything in it. Similarly, for reading all kinds of books in their audio form, we can use Galatea Mod APK.

This android application has revolutionized the world, especially in book reading. With this APK, you can get many amazing books for free, either read or listen to them. Moreover, inside the Android application, there are books in various languages, and you can easily translate them into any language with the help of an AI translator. If you are game lover then you must play Coffee Stack Mod APK.

More About Galatea Mod APK

More people were reading books in past than in this game. This is because people used to get the books in printed form to use them for any purpose. However, due to the digital transformation, the world has now changed. Now you can use your mobile phone to download any book in digital format and read or listen to it.

Galatea APK is famous for providing you with a variety of books. You can download any book for free without creating any account and without doing any subscription. The book format you choose to read is also amazing and user-friendly. Therefore, you will be fine with using this APK for any reading material.

The original version of this Android application is also available on Play Stores. Inkitt GmbH develops this Android application. It was first released to the users on Google Play Store on May 6, 2018. If you have a Google account and an Android device, you can also download and use this APK.

Galatea Hack APK is simple to use for any user. Even if you have not used this APK before, you can use it without any problem. Based on its simple-to-use ability and other features, more than 1 million people have downloaded it from Google Play Store. With more than 180K reviews, it has an overall 4.3 rating.

Galatea Hack APK

Features of Galatea Mod APK

This amazing APK contains the following features,

Millions of eBooks

This amazing APK is one of the best and greatest sources of eBooks. You will find your desired book in this APK and love to read it with its amazing and clear audio format. Moreover, the book you will get from this source is well-formatted and easy to use. If you did not find your favourite book in this APK, request it from the menu section.

Well Categorized Content

The content of this book is well-categorized, and you will find your desired content easily. All the books available in this APK are classified into various categories. Some of the categories of this APK are,

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Novel
  • General Knowledge

Along with these categories of books, you can find millions of other books in Galatea Mod APK.

User-Friendly Interface

To use any Android application effectively, it must be simple to use. If any APK is not UI friendly, it will not be able to use it effectively. Unlike most APKs that contain complex UI, this APK includes a simple UI, which you will find easy to use.

Multi-Language Support

This APK contains books in various languages as it is not only limited to a single English language. Along with having support for multiple languages, you can also play the book’s audio in different languages. To change the audio language of the book,

  1. Go to the settings option in the main menu.
  2. Select the language option.
  3. Now select your desired language.

Once you select your desired language, you will be able to play the audio of the book in that language. Secondly, if you don’t understand the tone of the character, then you can also change it. Finally, you have the option of changing the character.

Frequent Content Updates

A book reader wants to get any book soon after its release to the market. Being a book lover, you should get the book very soon. Galatea Mod APK allows users to get the book soon after its release. Shortly after the book was released, the team of this APK reached out for the copyright of the book and made it available for the users.

Mark Book as Favorite

There are millions of books in this Android application and remembering them is impossible. Sometimes, after reading a particular portion of the book, we forget the book’s name. To make you remember a book, this APK lets you mark the book as a favorite. Once you mark the book as a favourite, you can find it under a particular section.

Invite Your Friends

If you love to use any Android application, you might also love sharing it with your friends. You can also share this APK with your friends and get amazing rewards. To share this APK with your friends, click the main menu icon and find the share button. On clicking the share button, you will get options for the medium of sharing.

Galatea Mod APK Premium Unlocked

The premium version of any Android application is not available for free. If you want to get the premium APK, you must pay for it. However, all the premium features have been unlocked in this version of the Android application. Therefore, you can use any premium features without paying any money.


Can I Download this APK from Play Stores?

This APK is also available on Play Stores like Google and Apple. So you can download it from there, also.

Is it Safe to Use this Galatea Mod APK?

We tested this APK before publishing here. It is entirely safe to use on any Android device.

Can I Use This APK on iOS Devices?

If you are an iOS user, then to use this APK, you must download this APK from Apple Play Store.


The traditional way of reading books is changed due to the advancement of technology. Unlike in the past, when people used to read books with the help of hard copies, now, people want books on their smartphones. Galatea Mod APK is an Android application that contains millions of eBooks for users. Here we provide you with the premium version of this APK for free so that you can use it and enjoy it without paying anything.