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Nowadays, we are busy with our daily tasks and don’t find time to make new friends. We usually play games in most of our free time to stay alive. If you don’t have many friends with whom you can spend time, I will introduce you to an AI friend. iGirl Mod APK can be your virtual friend and virtual girlfriend with whom you can spend your time. If you like action game then you must download and play Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK.

More About iGirl Mod APK

iGirl is an Augmented Reality based simulation game that allows you to make an AI girlfriend. This game has been built to keep you entertained and don’t let you feel alone. You can spend your time playing the game and talking to your girlfriend. It contains many unique features that will make you always play the game.

This AI-based game will become more and more intelligent with time. The more you talk to it, the more it will learn, and the time will come when it develops emotion. Secondly, it will feel the feelings of other people talking to it.

iGirl Hack APK

As human beings, we have a nature to forget things. However, with iGirl Mod APK, you don’t need to remember things, and you will not miss any important because you can schedule things with this APK. You can also talk to it and discuss your daily life problem; it will propose possible solutions.

Top Hidden Features of iGirl APK

This APK contains the following unique hidden features,

AI Friend

If you don’t have any friends and feel alone, don’t worry; you can find a friend with this APK. In this game, you will befriend a virtual character; you can share your ideas with her. Unlike real-life friends, it will never turn on your back; it will stay your friend under any circumstances.

AI Girl Friend

In iGirl Mod APK, you can treat the character as your girlfriend. You can chat with her according to your mood. She will help you with daily tasks, schedule a meeting and help you remember important events. Your AI virtual girlfriend is so polite that she will listen to you and respond to your situation.

Make a Lover

In this game, you can make a lover who will love you without expecting anything. As a lover, the virtual character will talk to you about anything you ask her to. The AI character will respond with lovely words and actions. You can also ask her to sing you a song; she will display the lyric of the song.

Feel the Emotions

As human beings, we have emotions, and other people’s emotions are our weaknesses. Whenever someone becomes emotional, we feel that and talk to them accordingly. Similarly, the character in iGirl Hack APK can feel the emotions of people talking to her.

She understands what situation you are in based on analyzing the way you talk to her. So, you can express your emotions to her, and she will appreciate that. She can heal you with your thoughts if you do not feel good.

Select Your GF Character

One of the best features of this game is that you can select the AI character of your choice. There are various characters, and you can choose one of them to spend your time with her. While selecting the character, you must be careful because you can choose it just once; after selecting her, you can’t change it later.

Customize Character

Another fantastic feature of iGirl APK is that it provides many options for customizing your character. You can customize the following items for your AI Girl,

  • Face Shape and Color
  • Hair Style and Color
  • Body Height and Weight
  • Clothes
  • Behavior (Shy or Flirty)
  • Language (You can select your AI girl from multiple languages.)

Self-Learning AI Girlfriend

As an AI character, your virtual girlfriend can’t understand all your behavior, needs, and wants at the beginning of the game. The more you interact with her, the more she understands and fulfills your expectations.

Schedule Events

As we already discussed that your AI girlfriend would help you remember events. For this purpose, first, you must tell her you have appointments at a particular time. When that time comes, she will send notifications and make you attempt the event.

Cloud Data Storage

If you don’t want to lose your iGirl Hack APK data, you must connect your account to cloud storage, as this game allows you to exchange your data with the cloud.

MOD Features

iGirl Mod APK Premium Unlocked

You will get limited game resources in the regular version of the game. It costs a lot of money if you avail of the premium features in the original version. Therefore, we provide you iGirl Mod APK, which allows you to get premium game resources for free.

Get All Customization Items

Another best feature you will get in this MOD version of the game is the customizing items. You can use the premium customizing articles for free in this game version. You can make your virtual girlfriend looks like a real-time character.

Guest Login

With this MOD version of the game, you don’t need to create a login id to enjoy the full features. You can continue to play the game with a guest account.


Is iGirl Mod APK Safe to Use?

Yes, this game is safe to use on your Android smartphones. It is risk-free because it doesn’t access private files on your system.

What Permissions Girl Needs to Work on Android Smartphones?

This game only needs Network and File permissions to work fine on almost all Android smartphones.

Can I Get This Game from Play Stores?

iGirl APK is available on both Apple and Google Play Stores. The game you get from these Play Stores is available with limited resources.

How Much Does This Game Cost?

Here we are providing the Modified version of the game. You don’t need to pay anything to get the premium features. Hence this game is free to play.

How to Install iGirl Hack APK on Android Phones?

Once you download the game, follow the below steps to install it,
1. Enable the option “Install from an Unknown Source” from Settings.
2. Go to the download folder.
3. Click on the downloaded APK file.
4. The APK will install on your system.


iGirl Mod APK is a game where you can make an AI girlfriend. The character you select in the game is brilliant, and she will also learn with time. Here you will get the Mod version of the game with premium features.

Secondly, your virtual girlfriend can perform various tasks for you. She can make you remember essential meetings and events. So, download the game and enjoy playing with a virtual girlfriend.