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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Billions of people use this platform daily to share their photos and videos. Instagram is famous for its user-friendly and simple interface. However, there is one issue with this Android application: it doesn’t allow users to download videos and images. You can use a popular APK like Instander Mod APK to download the videos and images. To watch the live streaming of Movies, Dramas, and Sports you can use Tamasha Mod APK.

Downloading the videos and images of any social media application like Instagram or Facebook can make us create our content within less time. Most of the content in these apps is non-copyrighted, which helps us get free content easily. However, if you cannot download content from these applications, you can download with APKs like Instander. After downloading the content, you can share it on the same platform without error.

With this Mod version of the Instander, you can access all its premium features without paying or spending money. Similarly, the premium features of Instander help you access most of the features of Instagram and use Instagram more effectively. With all the features of the popular Instagram unlocked, you will enjoy using it for any purpose and love to use it.

Instander Hack APK

Features of Instander Mod APK

Some of the prominent features of Instander are:

Download Instagram Videos and Images

One of the best and most prominent features of this APK is that it allows you to download images and videos from any account of Instagram. With this APK, it is possible to download the images and videos. After downloading the images and videos, you can save them in your local storage. Once you get the video and image into your local storage, you can use them as you want.

User-Friendly Interface

The UI of this APK is user-friendly and easy to use. With a simple UI, operating this APK for any user is easy. Most of us want an APK to have a simple and user-friendly interface, whether it is a game or productive. With the complex interface of the APK, it isn’t easy to use the Android application effectively. So, to make Instander APK more efficient, it has been developed with a simple user interface.

Instander Mod APK No Ads

However, there could be some downloaders that you can use to download Instagram videos and images. But most of those APKs contain irritating ads. Watching ads before downloading any image or video can waste your precious time. However, this Mod version of Instander allows you to download any video and image without watching ads. This feature of Instander makes it more favorable than the others.

Private Insta Messaging

You might have friends with whom you do private messaging and share your feelings and talk. In the normal Instagram App, all the messages from your friends and colleagues appear in the same place. There is not any private messaging option in the normal Instagram. However, with Instander, you can create your private messaging option and add your friend to this list. After adding your friend to the list, you can also set a password so that whenever you access the private messaging portion, you must enter the password.

Private Close Friend List

In normal Instagram, people can be added to the Close Friend List. This option helps you manage people who are closer to you. Another benefit of this list is that you can show it only to your close friends whenever you put a status on Instagram. However, there is one drawback of this option of Instagram: people will know they are in your Close Friend List.

With Instander Mod APK, you can add your friends to the Close Friend List without letting them know. This fantastic Android application hides your friends, who never know they are on the list. With this feature, you can make your Instagram account more secure and private.

Instander Mod APK Ghost Mode

One of the interesting features of this APK is its Ghost Mode, which is not commonly available with other Mod versions of Instagram. In normal Instagram, when you are typing a message, the receiver can see that you are typing a message. This can be confusing if you reply late or get into a condition that can delay the conversation. This issue can also be resolved with the use of Instander APK. This APK will hide what you are typing; the recipient will only get the message when you send it.

Save High-Quality Images and Videos

Downloading the videos and images requires time and high-speed internet connectivity. Sometimes, the internet connection becomes weak, and the download time exceeds. In this situation, you can save videos and images you want to download from the Instagram App. Click the Save option to save videos or images, and your content will be saved. Afterward, when your internet connection becomes stable, you can download the videos and images you saved.

Instander APK Premium Unlocked

Instander also contains various premium features that are not allowed for free in the original version of this APK. If you want to use them, you must either pay for them or get access to them in this modified version of Instander. You can access all the premium features in this Mod version of the APK without paying for them. This Mod version has made all the premium features free and available for all users worldwide.

Pros and Cons


  • All the premium features are freely available.
  • Make your Instagram account more secure and reliable.
  • Do private chats with friends and family.


  • You must always download the Mod version of this APK from trusted sites like
  • To use this APK, you must first have an Instagram account; otherwise, Instander Hack APK is useless.
  • It is not compatible with the lower version of Android.


Can I download Instander from the Google Play Store?

This APK is unavailable on Google Play Store, so you can only download it from any third-party APK site.

Is It safe to use Instander Mod APK?

This APK is safe to use on both Android smartphones and tablets.

Is Instander also available for iOS devices?

No, this APK is only available for Android devices.


Instander Mod APK is the modified version of the popular Instander application. In this version of the APK, you will get access to all the premium features that are not available in the free version. This APK helps you download videos and images from your Instagram account that cannot be downloaded with the original Instagram APK. Similarly, this APK can help you make your original Instagram account more secure and reliable. So, to get access to all these features of the APK, download and use it and enjoy.