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Do you have a close friend with whom you spend most of your time? If yes, then try using JuasAPP Mod APK to prank your friend. Most of us have childhood friends, and we used to play various sports together. Due to busy schedules, we don’t have time to spend with our friends. Those who were together once are now separated and are living in different cities. However, we are connected by the technology we are using. If you love cars then you must download and use RevHeadz Mod APK.

More About JuasAPP Mod APK

We used to talk with our friends and colleagues through phone calls. Have you ever thought of pranking them through a phone call? You must have tried but might have yet to find a good Android application to do that. This APK provides the user a great chance to have fun with their friends through the phone they are using.

The primary purpose of this Android application is to make people enjoy their time with the one they love. You will love the best feature of this APK and use them for free and with a simple and user-friendly interface. Once you have done a prank with your friend, you can invite them to use this Android application and let them prank others.

JuasAPP Hack APK

FunnyApps LLC is the famous Android application development company that developed this amazing APK. It was first released to the Google Play Store on Jul 29, 2014. After its release, it gained a lot of popularity quickly. Soon after its release, it was downloaded by millions of people worldwide. Till today it has been downloaded by more than 10 million users. Based on more than 231K reviews, it has an overall 3.1 rating.

Must Know Features of JuasAPP Mod APK

This APK offers a lot of unique best features, and here I have mentioned some features for your consideration,

Anonymous Prank Call

This APK is the best way to allow you to enjoy your life’s best and funny moments. It will enable you to call your friends and relatives anonymously and make them amazed and laugh. With this APK, you can completely hide your identity so that the person on the other side of the call will not recognize you. Please note that the only purpose of this APK is to make people entertain, not disturb, so don’t use it for any immoral purpose.

JuasAPP Mod APK Unlimited Calls

The normal version of this Android application is also available in both Google and Apple Play Stores. If you get this APK from the play store, you will get it for limited calls. After your free calls are consumed, you must pay to get call tokens. Paying for the call token is costly, and most users can’t afford it. However, in this Mod version of the JuasAPP, you will get the Android application with an unlimited calls option.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

As Android users, we want an Android application with a simple and user-friendly interface. If an Android application contains a complex UI, it will be difficult for the users to understand and use it efficiently. Unlike other APKs, JuasAPP Mod APK includes a simple and user-friendly interface. With this interface of the APK, it is now easy to use for people of any age. You will be able to use it for any purpose.

Excellent Daily and Weekly Rewards

To make users engaged with the users, the APK must offer a lot of amazing daily and weekly rewards. After getting these rewards, your engagement with the APK will also increase. Similarly, this Android application also offers a lot of unique and best daily and weekly rewards. Some rewards are free calls, free voice, etc. Some of the rewards you get offer you premium features of the APK.

Safe and Secure to Use

After getting information about the features of the JuasAPP Hack APK, you might have questions about the security and privacy of this APK. If you are a regular user of this Android application, then you must not worry about privacy. It contains the best encryption technology to secure your data. Secondly, it only accesses the necessary permissions to work and doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions. So, don’t worry about its security; enjoy using it and making it laugh with your friends.

Enjoy Free Calls

One of the best features of JuasAPP Hack APK is that it offers users unlimited and free calls. You can make calls anytime, and it will not ask you to pay money. So, download JuasAPP APK and start making free calls to your friends. With these free calls, you can enjoy the best features of this APK without paying for them.

Compatible with Android Devices

Another best feature of this APK I loved the most is its compatibility. It is compatible with most Android devices, like Android smartphones and tablets. Even if you have an old Android device with a lower version of Android, you can use it without any problem. It requires Android 4.4 and up to work fine.

Record Calls

If you have pranked your friend and want your other friends to know about it, then you can use the Record Calls option of this APK. With this option of the Android application, you can record unlimited calls you made to your friends or colleagues. After recording the call, you can share it on other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Invite Your Friends

If you love to use this APK and want your friend to use JuasAPP Mod APK, then you can invite them through the link. Once you click the share option on the home screen of the APK, a link will appear. You can copy the link and then send it to your friend. Your friend will then get the Android application by clicking on the link.

Worldwide Accessibility

This APK was accessible in limited countries in the begging. Most people couldn’t use it at that time because it was not available in their countries. However, now you can use it from anywhere worldwide. It has made its services available for all users worldwide, and you can use it regardless of your home country.

No Registration Required

Most of the APKs ask to register their services. If you don’t want to register, you can also use the free services of this APK that are available without registration. It is the best APK to make you enjoy its free features.


What Are Permissions Needed to Make this APK Work?

You must provide the following permissions to make this APK work,
1. Access to Calls
2. Contact List
3. Record Calls
4. Read data from your device.
5. Storage access

Do I have to Pay for the JuasAPP Premium APK?

You will get all the premium features of this APK for free. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for them.

What Can I Do If this APK is not Available in My Country?

In this case, you can use the best VPNs to make its content available.

Can I Use JuasAPP on PC?

With the help of an Android emulator, you can use this APK on PC.

Is JuasAPP Mod APK iOS also Available?

We don’t offer any Mod version of the iOS APKs. It might be available on other sites.


The prank is the best way to enjoy yourself with your friends. JuasAPP Mod APK is one of the best Android applications that allow users to prank others with a phone call. Once you download this APK, you get unlimited free calls and can utilize them anytime. Secondly, you don’t have to create any login account as it allows you to use it without any account.