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Subway Surfers is a thrilling and adventurous game played worldwide by millions of people. It is a fast-paced mobile gaming app that has made millions of users addicted to it worldwide. It was produced by “Simon youth business organization” SYBO games. Here you will get this game’s latest version of the game known as Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK.

In this game, two characters named Jack and his friends are running on different tracks and railway trails in other cities worldwide. Jack and his friends are running to escape the police; they also have a dog. Both friends have various escaping characteristics and can together make the game unique and exciting for you. You can also download and play Power Warriors Mod APK.

This special edition of the Dubai version enables the users of this app to explore the beautiful cities of Dubai while escaping from the police. Players have a chance to enjoy the beautiful and iconic cities of Dubai and explore unique places of Dubai they have an opportunity to visit Burj e Khalifa, palm Jumeirah and other landmarks of Dubai.

Players of this game can unlock various places and extra features by collecting more and more coins. This can be done if they run too long without hitting any obstacle and availing different tools like magnets and long jump boots to earn more and more coins.

Features of Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK

This version of the game contains the following unique features,

Users Friendly Interface and HD graphics

Subway Surfers Mod APK provides their users with a good user interface and good quality HD graphics display so that the users can fully immerse themselves in the game and enjoy the game the way they want to enjoy it. In addition to this, this game also has good-quality background music. This music makes the players more addicted to the game, and players do not get bored while playing the game because of the good HD graphics and good background music.

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Experience the Dubai

The Dubai version of this game provides a unique opportunity for users to visit the beautiful Dubai city virtually. Players can run and jog on the trails of the desert of Dubai and immerse themselves to such an extent that they would feel that they are in Dubai. Users can have a chance to explore the iconic city of Dubai. They can also visit various famous landmarks of Dubai like Burj e Khalifa and a lot more. The game’s developers have created the city’s atmosphere so charming and realistic that users can feel it from the start of the run.

Run Away from the Police

Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK, a player runs away from the police. The main purpose of this game is to avoid the obstacles you will face while playing this game. You must run on railway tracks where trains will approach you at high speed. What you must do is save yourself from being hit by the train. The more you run, the more coins you will get, and as a result, you can open more features and buy boosters and coin multipliers.

Upgrades Available with Unlimited Booster Power

Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK is providing its users to upgrade themselves to gain access to unique features of the app. The more coins a player collects, the more features he will get in the game and the more updated the game will be. To fulfill the requirement of getting more and more coins, this app offers different power boosters to its users; by using such power boosters, players can gain more and more coins and unlock various unique features.

For example, in power boosters, players can get long jump boots; by wearing these shoes, a player can jump 3x times higher than their normal jump, and as a result, player can jump over a train or any high obstacle quickly. In addition, players can also get a Hoover board which helps them slide on the trails, and if a player hits a train or any other obstacle while wearing a Hoover board, the player can be saved.

Endless Running

Like all other versions of subway surfers, this version of Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK also offers its players an endless running challenge where players can cover as long distances as they can cover. But the thing is that the players should be avoiding the obstacles and the police who are chasing them. This game aims to check the flexes of a player and how a player responds to the obstacle they face, like how fast a player is deciding what should be the next step, whether the player must jump over the obstacle or slide under the obstacle.

Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK Unlimited Coins

The main aim of this game is that you will collect as many coins as you can while you run in various locations. However, you will get unlimited coins with this Mod version of the game. With unlimited coins in the game, you can purchase all the premium items for free.

Enjoy the game with Updated Content

To provide users with the latest up-to-date and fresh content, subway surfers Dubai updates its content periodically. After every month, its contents are updated. Through these updates, players can unlock new tracks, face new challenges, and try their best to do the challenges. In addition, players get new and exciting gifts and boost-ups, which make the players more addicted to this game, and players enjoy this game because of these updates and extra features.

Pros and Cons of Subway Surfers Dubai Hack APK


  • In this game, you don’t need to create any login id. You can play the game without registering yourself to the game server.
  • This Mod version of the game no longer displays any ads. The player will enjoy playing the game without watching any ads.
  • This game is lightweight, and you can play it on lower versions of Android devices.


  • The original game is unavailable on any Play Store, including Google and Apple Play Stores.
  • This Mod version of the game is only available for Android devices. You can’t download and play this game on iOS devices.
  • Subway Surfers Dubai is a single-player game. No multiplayer mode of the game is available for those who want to play games with their friends.


How to play Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK?

Like the other versions of the Subway Surfers, this version is played through a mobile device. You must download the app from the google play store if you are an Android user, and if you are Apple phones users, then you can use this app from the apple store. You can start playing the game after downloading and installing the app.

Can I get a key to save myself in a game?

Yes, you can unlock a key, save it for once, and resume the game from where you could not do the obstacle. The key can also be given to you as a gift if you run for a very long distance in one go. If you have enough coins, you can buy a key from the store and enjoy the game with an extra life.

What is different in the Subway Surfers Dubai version?

It is almost the same as other versions of the subway surfers, but the developers had added Dubai City here. So, players can have a chance to explore different places in Dubai while playing the game. They can visit various landmarks like Burj e Khalifa and a lot more and can enjoy the cherished environment of Dubai city.


All in all, Subway Surfers Dubai Mod APK is the latest and updated version of Subway Surfers. It has added Dubai City in the game’s background, which pleasures the users. Users immerse themselves in the beautiful iconic atmosphere of Dubai City. Players enjoy the game and complete the challenges with joy and fun. If you are a mobile game user and want to experience something new and unique, you should try this game. After playing this game once, you will not be able to leave this game forever; this is so addictive and exciting.